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A Business Needs Real-Time Data

Data-driven companies compete not just because their human decisions are better informed, but because they can automate decision making at every control point in their processes.

To be data-driven doesn't mean you do things the old way with better and fresher data. It's a mind-set shift. Only machines can keep up with real-time data. Your business can use algorithms, tuned by machine learning AI agents, to inform the best possible step forward. Do you order more parts now, or wait? Do you navigate straight or take the detour? Do you call this particular customer now or at a more opportune time like when they've just opened their package?

With streaming contextual data, every process in your business can be smarter, driving efficiency, savings and quality at the granular level. This is how data-driven companies such as Amazon and Uber differ and disrupt.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is key to getting streaming fresh data.

I have worked hard to build a community of IoT data sources and a long-range IoT communications network to facilitate getting data from producers to consumers. These assets are now available for you to leverage.

Data Producers

If you have IoT sensor or algorithm generated bulk or streaming data, you should consider how best to monetise it. Scarcity, freshness, quality and demand defines the value for your data.

Contact me to find the right buyer for your data. You stay in control and set the policy for use.

Data Consumers

Your decisions depend on data. By understanding what drives your decisions and the value attributable to making better decisions, you will know if and when there is suitable ROI from purchasing data.

Contact me to acquire the right data for your unique business needs.