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Finding the Synergies

Beyond having a strong network of talent to draw upon, no one can dispute the value of collaboration when the outcome of many is greater than the input combined.  

As founder of Perth Internet of Things I have hosted events for many leading emerging technology vendors and their industry customers and partners. These vary from open community educational sessions, to excursions and closed-door tactical task-force assembly such as the City of Perth Smart City Data Hub below. Brands include:

Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, SAP, IBM, Oracle, salesforce, Intel, Soho, Datacom, Fijitsu and more. 

The Community of IoT emerging technology enthusiasts now spans Perth and Melbourne and is in excess of 4000 members. This expands further with partner networks across Singapore, New Zealand, Brisbane and Sydney.


Smart City Specialists Volunteers 

The City of Perth collaborated with the Internet of Things Perth Community to ensure the community could influence the requirements for the Smart City Data Hub. A data exchange platform for sharing industry and community generated data for cross-industry use.

This included existing open data and streaming internet of things sensor data.

Effectiveness Through Diversity 

I led an expression of interest which attracted 89 volunteers with the vision and skills to partake in a workshop to solicit the community requirements for the Smart City Data Hub.

I customised a selection process using a diversity and skills criteria and formed a panel of 12 judges  to encouraged a broad range of ideas and requirements for valuable citizen outcomes.

A/NZ Region Wide IoT Community Training

CertNexus sponsored a regional collaborative effort to train business professionals with a recognised micro-credential in Internet of Things. This was a live conference delivered through video conferencing with participants from across Australia and New Zealand. Exam certificates were issued after the  course at no charge to participant.

IoT Security Community Engagement 

Australian Department of Home Affairs saught community feedback on voluntary code of practice for security principles. This was a digital marketing campaign and feedback consolidation campaign that gave IoT Practitioners a voice towards the Australian federal government position for IoT security.