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Commercial Success
In The Digital Age



Commercial success in the digital age requires entrepreneurship, technology talent and change readiness. When your customers switch to the competitors for convenience and value, you need to respond smarter, faster and more creatively.

I'm committed to helping dedicated company boards and executives succeed with digital transformation. Let me show you how to progress your strategy and achieve faster speed to market. Let's tailor a change ready culture and responsive business model that is truly consumer centric and fit for the digital age.

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Presentations on Digital Transformation & Emerging Technology topics

Founded Internet of Everything Perth Community

The digital age feeds on collaboration, knowledge sharing and a thriving ecosystem of suppliers, consumers, industry, government and academia. This public meetup has sposorship and speaker presentations from: Amazon Web Services, SAP, Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM and Oracle.

Digital Transformation Strategy, Innovation & Enterprise Architecture

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Peer to Peer Social Collaboration Business Models

Big Data Real-Time Analytics & Cognitive Computing

Elastic Utility & Consumption Based Cloud Computing

Internet of Things, Mobility & Smart Sensors

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